Name of the project : The guideline study on large-scale water supply projects

Place : All districts of Eastern Province

Name of client : JICA, RWANDA OFFICE

Description of the Project: The Consultancy aims to:

Description of services provided by the company personnel :

Component 1: Defining and documenting the concept of “large scale” water supply projects

  1. a) Collecting information on main surface water resources (river, dam, lake, pond, etc),
  2. b) Roughly estimating the potable water development potential of those water resources,
  3. c) Listing up the suitable places for large-scale water supply facility development,
  4. d) As a result, selecting the target sites for the Pre-Feasibility Studies

Component 2: Conduct a pre-feasibility Study for maximum Five (5) selected sites

  1. Conduct a site reconnaissance including (hydrological and geological investigation),
  2. Evaluation of water source capacity and water demand (time horizon 20 to 30 years) including the current use of water e.g. irrigation, hydropower, in order to assess the current water scarcity and future availability (water balance);
  3. Conduct water quality analysis for each candidate water resource,
  4. Assessment on status of existing water system(s) (if any),
  5. Assess the environmental and social considerations,
  6. Conduct an analysis of risks and advantages,
  7. Estimation of potential beneficiaries,
  8. Analyze the possible technical options for the project (design requirements; water abstraction; pumping stations; water treatment plants ; transmission mains ; water distribution network),
  9. Discuss basic considerations on investment and financial viability(Financial and economic analysis –cost benefit analysis),
  10. Propose a rough structural drawing, profile and topographic map of the systems,
  11. Detailed investment cost breakdown;