HICE Consult helps municipal, government and utility clients plan, create and implement Geographic Information Systems. More than simply digital mapping of assets, our innovative GIS solutions help customers to better manage their communities and utilities.

We provide both consulting and turnkey project services that include:

  • Needs analysis to target a GIS solution to specific requirements.
  • Database design that optimizes performance and ensures integration with existing applications and platforms.
  • Base mapping to ensure a solid, practical foundation for your GIS.
  • Data acquisition and conversion to populate the GIS.
  • Application development that creates easy-to-use applications that integrate GIS within your day-to-day operations, even for non-GIS professionals.
  • Installation of GIS databases and software on existing systems, as well as specification, purchase and installation of dedicated systems.
  • Data maintenance that helps keep GIS databases current as assets change.
  • Training to create proficiency and to help people meet their GIS requirements.

We support your GIS project with a full range of services that help ensure interoperability with related systems and platforms, and successful implementation of an enterprise GIS.