HICE Consult is a Rwandan registered company which specializes in consultancy in the fields of civil engineering and hydroinformatics.

We provide services of study, management, and supervision of public works by implementing practical solutions using new and state of the art technologies. Our services are based on practical clients’ needs and can be research based solutions as well, depending not only on client’s requests but also on our own research initiatives aiming at solving real problems within our communities.

Hydroinformatics, which is a core field, is a technological based knowledge which combines and uses water sciences and technologies and modern advanced information and communication technologies in solving and managing water related systems. Hydroinformatics, in a deep sense, is an integrated knowledge that uses simulation modeling and information and communication technology to help in solving problems of hydraulics, hydrology and environmental engineering for better management of water resources and civil engineering systems.

HICE Consult is active in consulting services since back in 2008 and has served various clients including public and private institutions as well as individuals.