Project: CONSULTANCY FOR Feasibility Study and Associated Preliminary and Detailed Designs for Infrastructure in Secondary Cities and  the feasibility study of Upgrading of the Agatare Informal Settlement in Nyarugenge District

Name of client : Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure

Consultancy for feasibility study and associated preliminary and detailed designs for infrastructure in secondary cities and the feasibility study of upgrading of the Agatare informal settlement in Nyarugenge District.

  1. Feasibility Study and Associated Preliminary design Stage:

Detailed Designs stage:

Detailed design of identified project to be implemented on phase one project and detailed design of all project identified on feasibility study of Upgrading of Agatare informal settlement; Access roads, Footpaths and drainages.

Description of services provided by the company personnel :

Review all existing roads networks, and provide the following information and options / proposals:

Sanitation task

Solid waste management task

Infrastructure in the Context of the Upgrading of Agatare, informal settlement in Nyarugenge District, Kigali